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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Topic: Is transit between Bangladesh and India beneficial, will it help our economy to meet the future plan?
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1 - 20 out of 77 results
Name: Hamidur rahman
City, Country: UK
I think this will not more beneficial what we accept.
Name: Hamidur rahman
City, Country: UK
I think this will not more beneficial what we accept.
Name: Md. Monirul Hasan
City, Country: Kishoregonj, Bangladesh
It will help our economy through devoloping relationship & earning revenue.
Name: Zea
City, Country: Bangladesh
It will increase the bilateral relation between us.
City, Country: Chittagong/ Bangladesh
I thing it will growing our development.
Name: Md Sazzad Mahmud
City, Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh
What will be by this voting
Name: S m shahadat hossain
City, Country: Sirajganj.bangladesh
Sir I am education officer .need scholarship for phd.so help me.
Name: Dr Mohammad Abdul Matin
City, Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1. Indian Government cant be trusted. They helped Bangladesh during 1971 for strategical advantage only. 2. Till todate India does not ratify Muzib-Indira Pact signed in 1974. 3. During the last 37 years India has proved herself as the first enemy of Bangladeshi people. 4. In theory, revenue from transit will help our economy. Will they pay any revenue? After 1947, then East Pakistan i.e. now Bangladesh owe around 150 crore taka(1947 value)from India, not a single 'paisa' paid till todate. There are other dark sides also. In the name of transit they can transfer arms, army. 5. Anytime Indian Army can invade. Just think, how they has occupied Kashmir, Hydarabad & Sikim. The list will be endless if we count. The first consideration should be our Sovereignty, Security & Existence.
Name: SH Majid
City, Country: Saskatoon, SK
I don't see any way how Bangladesh is going to be benefited by this highway. We already have a nice communication with Myanmar and we do have a good road-network with India those we need for our commerce. BUT, India is going to utilize the transit through Bangladesh by reaching the seven-sisters provinces with the help of the secured communication.
Name: Zahir
City, Country: Dhaka
It will effect our flood level ,bring ourselves out of our control.
Name: Debashis Majumder
City, Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh
I don't believe transit with India would benefit Bangladesh. India, the neighbour making Tipaimukh dam ignoring and withouth discussing Bangladeshi openion. The neighbour who do so I don't believe she would do well by getting transit. Yes other user may benefit us, I believe. Debashis Majumder Sub Editor Weekly The Industry
Name: Taslima
City, Country: UK
India keeps planting stories into media to misguide Bangladesh. Bangladesh will only benefit if the route goes east towards China, Korea and South East Asia. India is motivated by getting its army quickly into its North East Indian region where there is war of liberation going on. Bangladesh will only get more Indian wars. In the end it will be better to break up Bangladesh. If Awami League wants that let them be honest.
Name: Dewan Abdul Baset
City, Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Humanity
Yes, It will our economy if the agreement is done with profer terms and conditions in favour of Bangladesh. Dewan Abdul Baset Editor, Marupalash Riyadh, Saudi Arabia www.marupalash.net 19june2009
Name: Nazmul
City, Country: Narayanganj,Bangladesh
Transit will effect to our security & it will be easy to spread out terrorism.
Name: Tarek Mollah
City, Country: Sylhet, Bangladesh
Firstly, Bangladesh is supposed to join the network of Asian Super Highway. Therefore, connecting India from point �A� to �B� providing transit is a breach of the Agreement. Secondly, Transit would only benefit India, paving access using Bangladesh land facilities but from the North-Eastern India � exiting to Myanmar (via the terrains) would be impractical, time consuming & costly. Thirdly, Trade imbalance will remain, as mare transit option won�t generate enormous revenue for Bangladesh. Fourthly, India would use the option to integrate the North Eastern Tribal Community into the mainstream and resolve their political agenda. Also, Indian goods would have total access instead providing Bangladesh products to be marketed in the North Eastern India. Fifthly, India till independence hasn�t formulated any or most of the policies benefiting Bangladesh, rather it benefited India the most. Unscrupulous Bangladeshi Politicians has again & again compromised the interest of the Motherland � Seventhly, Security breach would take place certainly, as this doesn�t take an Einstein to know � the presence of Indian Intelligence in Bangladesh and such treaty would be like issuing an �Open Cheque� to India.
Name: Ismil ibrahim mahamud mithu
City, Country: Chittagong
Yes,......... mast bee..........plan ....
Name: Mohammed Patwary
City, Country: Rabigh,Saudi Arabia
Name: S. J. Monjurul Ahammed
City, Country: Bangladesh
Because it is a Iddia based corridor which will help India financially more than Bangladesh
Name: S. J. Monjurul Ahammed
City, Country: Bangladesh
Because it is a Iddia based corridor which will help India financially more than Bangladesh
Name: Sk.Shaheenul Islam
City, Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Normally it will inclease the businessd and the business man from both country will interested to do business as they will get easy and early tranport and as Bangladesh has lot of opprtunity to export to India so we will get more benifit than India.
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1 - 20 out of 77 results
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