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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Topic: Do you think TATA's investment will have sustainable positive impact on our economy ?
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1 - 20 out of 35 results
Name: Iqbal
City, Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Energy & Steel from Coal ------------------- The word "energy" senses much broader than most the investors realize and the Metallurgical coal and the steel producing industry are being driven by a strong storm of global demand. Coal is used to produce steel. As per statistics - only a 5% of the world's coal is pure and hard enough to produce stainless steel. And also - It takes mining companies 4 to 5 years to find new supplies of coal mines. This stock of coal mines a substantial, growing dividend. Now, let's look at the worlwide demand for steel. The USA has an immedaite need for steel -- to rebuild the damaged infrastructure. Katrina and Rita have increased America's already roaring demand for new buildings, roads and new bridges. China has been preparing to be the host of the Olympic Games and aiming at a century's worth of development shortly. Every new building, new bridge, each bit of new infrastructure beef-ups the demand for steel. Like China - India is also growing faster with an established, firmly capitalist middle class which is newly energized from the outsourced jobs and non-resident Indians. Tata now tries to utilize the opportunity and wants our coal mines which we can utilize too - gradually. Considering the international supply-demand imbalance we can utilize our coal mine for better deal instead of giving opportunity to TATA at cheaper price.
Name: Md.hayatuzzaman khan
City, Country: Rajshahi,Bangladesh
Bangladesh is not in the right track because,our policy and programme has not been yet properly developed and spreaded according to our need regarding the present world.
Name: Tauhid
City, Country: Dhaka
We can get more job..more taxk..popularity
Name: Rupa Chowdhury
City, Country: Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
TATA's investment will have short term impact on the economy, unless the government act cautiously on securing the resources for future and making sure that the return from the project are well utilized on supporting long term business demands. Otherwise, given the fact of the scarcity of natural resource, TATA will only operate until they use the full capacity and then if their demand is not met, they will exit, leaving not only a group of people unemployed, also plus no resource.
Name: Anaf Chowdhury
City, Country: Singapore
I think it will have a positive impact on economy of Bangladesh. We hope that so....
City, Country: SINGAPORE
Tata's investment will have sustainable positive impact, because, it will definitely create opportunities for the people of bangladesh, again there also possibility to open up huge ralated SME's. As steel is concern, we will get it cheap in price and also encourage steel related foreign manufacturing investement in our country. simply speaking, this is sustainable investment, but it is also necessary to identify reasonable price for gas that is should be minimum one. Thanks
Name: Atiqullah
City, Country: London,Uk
Becauase we need this one for our huge unemployment but it should be control via our govt.
Name: Mirza Helal Miah
City, Country: Dhaka,Bangladesh
It will be benefited for our country because it will create new job and also will make money which will be include with our GDP.But when our authority will give permission they should consider cost of gas, electricity and our more profit
Name: Bdullah Al Harun
City, Country: Kuala lumpur,Malaysia
It is good for bangladesh bangladesh economy.As like invest in malaysia avail avil.So malaysia economy is increasingly high
Name: Haque
City, Country: Lancaster , UK
TATA's Huge investment would creat 100,000 jobs in Bangladesh and another 600 subsidiary industries would have been created to back up TATA. At least 500,000 people could be benefited from the TATA employment. Bangladesh economic growth would have been accelerated to a new dimension. Their investment would improve our rail and other transport systems as well. I believe that TATA hasn't got the contract because they didn't offer our ministers & officials their %age.
Name: Tanvir
City, Country: Newry, NI, UK
There will definitely be mulitinational capitalist impact on our mininarrative. At the end the capitalists will be benefitted leaving the masses and local Bangladesh far behind through their manipuliting. And it's not new over Bangladesh form the jaw of GrandIndia. Unfortunately, the poor Bangladeshi Brothers do not remember it. That's the irony.
Name: Mansurur Rahman
City, Country: Bangladesh
Bangladesh should not go with such a big commitment like supplying of natural gas uninterrupted especially when TATA's gas consumption would be very high. In such situations, small Bangladeshi NG consumers in industrial enterprises who are not having gas supply guarantee from the gas companies will be deprived of gas supply, thus would be bound to shutdown their industries. This will be an economic disaster for the entrepreneurs, as well as for the country. Moreover, a lot of Bangladeshi people will lose their jobs for this reason. I believe, it would be better for Bangladesh to encourage the investors to establish small scale industries where small amount of gas would be consumed. This will create more employment opportunities, and pressure on the Bangladesh Govt. will be less to maintain gas supply commitments. TATA's gas price offer may look good at this moment, but again if this is limited at maximum USD 4 per MMCF, Bangladesh Govt. would have to subsidise in future. Because, the day is not far off when the cost will exceed USD 4. Last but not the least, Bangladesh will not be benefitted in respect of creating employment opportunities. Because, from our experience I believe that most of the management level positions and some critical technical positions (management & non-management) will be filled up by the Indians for various political and economic reasons.
Name: Ruhul Amin
City, Country: Dhk, bd
Coz TATA is an indian company. india never be a helping hand for bangladesh. they will try to destroy our economy by the Camouflage of TATA. they are gready about our natural gas. so i think "khal kete kumir anar dorkar nai".
Name: Safiqul Islam Chowdhury
City, Country: London,UK
Unemployment people will get job.Moreover,other world famous companies will get inspire to invest in Bangladesh. But also it has negative affect for our country.
Name: Abid Ahmed
City, Country: Bangladesh
Beacouse Bangladesh Is a poor country. Tata is giving a big amount of money which will help on our economy. Thank you.
Bangladesh is a developing country,here maney educated people can't do job for lacking of job available.If TATA comes to invest i think maney qualified people find job. So i always welcome TATA and requiest plz come & invest in our country.
Name: Prodip
City, Country: Dhaka,bangladesh.
I think TATA's investment will have sustainable positive impact on our economy because our country hasn't any big company as like as TATA. A lot of unemployee people will get job in this coompany. So it will remove our unemployee problem.
Bangladesh is developing country where too many small Entrepreneurs are being engaged since long. Though their investment in small quantity, but total investment may not small and there are large no. of people maintaning their families by the help of this sector.
City, Country: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Tata demands more. it will not be helpful for bangladesh.
Name: Md.hayatuzzaman khan
City, Country: Rajshahi,Bangladesh
Bangladesh is not in the right track because,our policy and programme has not been yet properly developed and spreaded according to our need regarding the present world.
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1 - 20 out of 35 results
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