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Jawed Karim


Jawed Karim is a co-founder of the popular video sharing website You Tube.

Karim was born in Merseburg East Germany , in 1979 and moved to West Germany in 1982. His father, Naimul Karim, is a Bangladeshi researcher at 3M. His mother, Christine Karim, is a research assistant professor of biochemistry at the University of Minnesota .

Karim grew up in Germany , and his family moved to the United States in 1992. He graduated from Central High School ( Saint Paul , Minnesota ), and went on to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He left campus prior to graduating to become an early employee at PayPal, but continued his coursework, earning his bachelor's degree in computer science in 2004.


M. S. Computer Science (2005) Stanford Univeristy.

B.S. Computer Science / Engineering (2004)
Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

You Tube Co-founder 2005

You Tube is the 4th most popular website in the world and one of the fastest-growing websites in the history of the Internet. You Tube serves up over 200 million videos per day and received funding from Sequoia Capital.    

PayPal , an eBay company (Palo Alto, CA) Feb. 2000 - Mar. 2005
Staff Technical Architect, Architecture Team
As one of the earliest engineers at PayPal I designed and implemented many of its core components, including its real-time anti-fraud systems. My responsibilities as a member of the Architecture Team included re-architecting PayPal to scale it from 100,000 users in February of 2000 to 63 million users by early 2005. PayPal is the world's largest online payment service, processing $50 billion in payments annually.    
IBM ( Boston , MA ) Summer 1999

Intern, Internet Systems & Technology Division (first Extreme Blue Program)
Implemented a network client/server model featuring de-centralized servers with synchronized states.

Silicon Graphics Inc. (Mountain View, CA) Summer 1998

Intern, Advanced Graphics Division
Developed tools to process large 3D volume data sets for use at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications ( Campaign , IL ) 1997-1999

Student Research Programmer, Symera Supercomputing System
Developed Windows applications to demonstrate the capabilities of a distributed computing environment.  University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute ( Minneapolis , MN ) Summer 1997
Student Researcher, David D. Thomas Laboratory
Developed computational models of protein structures. Research results published in Biochemistry .  


136th commencement speaker, University of Illinois , May 13th 2007 .

Invited speaker at University of Illinois Reflections | Projections Conference 2006: YouTube: From Concept to Hypergrowth .

Jawed Karim and Cuong Do, " Method of and apparatus for notifying a user of other users within an area of interest "
Filing Date: 12/19/2002 , Status: Patent Pending

Karim, C., Stamm, J., Karim, J., Jones, L., Thomas, D.. Cysteine Reactivity and Oligomeric Structure of Phospholamban and its mutants. Biochemistry 37:12074-12081 (September 1998).

Flanigan, P., Karim, J. 1998. NCSA Symera . Dr. Dobb's Journal, Distributed Computing (November 1998).

Karim, Jawed. 1998. A Windows 3D Model Viewer for OpenGL . Dr. Dobb's Journal, Graphics Programming (July 1998).

Karim, Jawed. 2000. A Win32 Network Crawler . Dr. Dobb's Journal, Communications and Networking (May 2000).

Karim, Jawed. 1998. Porting MS-DOS Graphics Applications . Linux Journal, Graphics and Multimedia (September 1998).

Invited speaker at University of Illinois Reflections | Projections Conference 1998: Practical Graphics Programming .


German (native), English.


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