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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Addres: Dubai, UAE
Email: vijayakumar.nair@yahoo.com
I had been to Dhaka and Chittagong recently on an official visit & could not see much of a difference than Indian cities. If India can progress at a faster pace of 9% why can't Bangladesh with all its natural resources & scenic advantages. Branding & Marketing of Bangladesh is the need of the hour to attract more and more FDIs.
Name: M R Sufi
Addres: UK
Email: sabasbangladesh@gmail.com
As you know, an earnest attempt is taken against the corruption to reform the country by the current interim government and many of corrupted businessmen are in jails and others are avoiding investment as well and our beloved country is suffering economic problems like major decline in investment, recession & inflation, now I think this is the time to act for all Bangladeshis to rebuild the economy where the NRB’s can take a huge part by extending their hands to invest in our country. And also a huge number of middle class people are also searching for better investment. But there is a very little places for them to invest where they can rely on, as both of us know the situation of our stock market & public limited companies. I am trying to make a solution for this problem by forming a social organisation where millions members will invest a very small amount of money each in a large business and conduct an economic revolution. I would like to call this micro investment. The formed company owned by million people will be governed by some expert advisors who are already well known patriot faces in our country like Professor Muhammad Yunus and some others. They will appoint paid employee to run the business and monitor them. The company will minimise the gap between the producer and consumer. Proper & expert management & marketing can be a great solution to control prices. Also no company in our country is involving themselves in producing food with the help of modern technology in a large scale, which can significantly reduce the cost and increase the bulk of production. This is very profitable as well. In Bangladesh most of our people lives on agriculture but most of them are illiterate and do not have the knowledge of modern technology. We can give them training, support, better seeds and market their product. If the project is successful we can invest in many profitable businesses and also can breakthrough the web of corrupted bloodsucking businessmen. We have millions of educated unemployed young people. We can make them backbone of our economic revolution by engaging them as our elite soldier for this economic war. Every few days our markets become the victim of syndicate who manipulate the market price which can be destroyed by this programme. My idea is to involve general people to become the main sources of economic power and taste the result of huge investment where most of our public companies are always try to avoid giving dividends to its general share holders. My another proposal for the company is to donate 10% of the profit to make many poor people self employed to earn there own money and get out from the curse of poverty I would like to call this as ‘HELP YOUR SELF BY HELPING OTHERS’ as our consumers will be sharing the donation by purchasing product from us. I also have an idea to arrange a lottery by which some of our investor will get back there investment & some percentage of investment will be also donated for poor by adding some premium on our investment. I named this organisation as SABAS (Social Association for Baglar Aganito Shantan), Shortly – SABAS Bangladesh and trying to generate support from public by making them our member and officially offer Professor Muhammad Yunus to become our leader for this programme through our website http://sabasbangladesh.8m.com/index.html . if he refused we have other ideas. We are now just at initial stage.
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