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Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting our journal section. We have planned to publish an electronic journal on behalf of the website of the Bangladeshi Scholars living at home and abroad. It will be a multidisciplinary scholarly journal and will collect and publish scholarly writings on social science, natural science, bioscience and fine arts. Any Bangladeshi scholar can send his/her published or unpublished scholarly papers to us through electronic mail ([email protected]). The editorial board will have the final selection authority and select the papers to be posted on the various issues of the journal. At present we are planning to publish the journal on a quarterly basis. We hope that in the wake of time this journal will slowly turn into a forum for exchanging the scholarly writings of all Bangladeshi scholars living at any corner of the world.

This current issue of the journal is an experimental one. So we are requesting all our readers to provide their free and frank opinions and criticisms so that we can plan and produce our first formal forthcoming issue of the journal in a befitting manner. The first formal issue of this journal is scheduled to be published on the 21st. of February 2006. Thus we also request all our esteemed readers to send their suggestions, articles and opinions by January 2006 at the latest.

[email protected]
[email protected]

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