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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Name: Ashraf mondal,MSc.USA
Addres: staten island USA
Email: kmondul@yahoo.com
This ministry should have comprehensive plan to take country in right direction.My country has talented people who are working for the development of other nations.Everybody want to get paid for their talent.Education minsitry should set up extra fund in research area of Engineering, medical science and pharmaceutical,energy and other vital area by providing excellent salary benefit to the bangladeshi talented who are living in and out of Bangladesh.Without technological advance in todays science country will never be able to compete in todays world.For example, in each year we produce 200 extra ordinary talented student in Bangladesh,and leaving the country for good for economic reason,If we spend 25% of the misuse or corruption money, we can get high level technical expertise from this world class Bangladeshi in all area technical area.If you are interested in this area, I can tell more details on this topicc.
Name: Eng.Mohammad A. Sobhan
Addres: Saudi Arabia
Email: miniscientist@saudia.com
Minsitry of education should arrange sciene contest among students of grade 8-10 for new invention & discoveries in science as it is done in USA under invent America or Jason Project, Etc.
Name: Dr Mohammad Abdul Matin
Addres: Riyadh, KSA
Email: drmamatin@yahoo.com
1.Students politics should be banned throughought the country. This is one of the route of all evils. A concious, regular student will come forward for the nation when time require it. It happened in 1949, 1952, 1969, 1971 & during the student's raise against Gen. Ershad's reign. This is not the credit of our student politics system instead of the willing of general nonpolitical students, who wants a fair, competitive & peacefull country. 2. selection of Vice-chancellor & chairperson of the Departments in Public Universities by vote should be stopped immediately.
Name: Mamun
Addres: Dhaka,Bangladesh
Email: mamun_ab0152@yahoo.com
Name: mosharf hossen
Addres: Dhaka, bangladesh
Email: mohossan@yahoo.com
This educational system is not proper for our life. Now we need such as educational system which is suitable in this globalization moment. All corrupted person who are related this educational system to be getout.............!
Name: Jamil Hossain
Addres: Vail, USA
Email: jamil_hossain@yahoo.com
we need a proper website or educational press media to post our achievements with uploading photos through online. there are various employee, students and scholars they are achieveing diffrent awards, rewards and goodwill for the Bangladesh by their skills, creativity, and so on. For example: me and my friend we both working in Vail Marriott as Intern Chef. we are learning American Cuisine. one day we got chance to cook Bangladeshi foods for the associates. everyone liked our foods. our DAAL was great Soup to all American. here in Vail of Colorado in USA, me and my friend is only 2 Bangladeshi. so, our food was totally new to them and we are spreading our culture and test of foods to various regional people. its our great achievement and effort but nobody knows in our country, not even in other country's bangladeshi immigrants or migrants. Last week i got Marriott Oscar Award for Best Smily and Friendly Employee in Marriott. My friend went to last Olempic to cook for the athlets. Olempic organizors gave madel to best cooks. some chef got some madels anf my Friend Suman is one of them. we both are studying on Culinary Arts. not only we both, there so many students and emplyees who are putting Bangladesh Name at top of the world but due to lack of communication medium we cant really go up. if we can publish or post by ourselvs then these will inform people about our achievements. we want to inform people in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi community in various region to show our love for Bangladesh and these will encourage others to do the best for our Bangladesh. I love my Bangladesh.
Name: hamzah
Addres: england (london)
Email: hamzah7k9@aol.com
well i think that the country should run in a particular manner for an example no threating the students because they will be scared to go to school and be less confident on ideas and opinions.students lose there own dignity and self control i am a student my self age 14 who has heard about the canning going on all oround the world which i think that every child has a right to be safe from harm.and have a freedom of speech and less fear.the uniform should be cheap and introduced to the school so all the students within the school can offord it so there will be less division between the rich and the poor.bangladesh students are being kept like in a prison because of the threats they face in school fore being late so i suggest that there will more verbal comunication between the teacher ands the students. students should be free from politics.and take more concentration on study but not politics.once they are involved in the politics they cant focus on the academic proformance. for a better study you need a good teacher and good resorces e.g paper,pencil...... if you need further advice please contact me on my email adress above. thank you for your time. hamzah hussain
Name: Badhon
Addres: Dhaka
We have to concentrate more to female education.
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