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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Name: md ashraf mondal
Addres: staten island ,USA
Email: kmondul@yahoo.com
Our parliment system must be as follows to avoid current political instability,Uppper house (designated as lawmaker or senate.Each senator will be elected from each of 64 district across Bangladesh and Lower house parliamnet member will be elected from all upzila (464 upzilla).Lower house member will be designated as congressman.Upper house elected member will be responsible for final passes of all bills or law to be enacted for the good of our people.Lower house member or congressman will be responsible for bringing all local issue to the lower house floor for debate and open discussion on all developement of law and order issues,education, health issues,roads issue and all local issues etc,and the election date will be fixed on dry weather during Jan or Feb.Note:all upper and lower house election will be held on every 6 years and parliament will never be dissolved by any party.Prime minister and vice president will be elected every 5 years at a fixed date on Jan 6 by participation of all Banaldeshi eligible voter with computerised national ID card.This system will allow our parliamentary system to alive all the time and main executive power holder Prime minister and vice president will come to power every 5 years after direct vote.This parlimentary system will allow mejority and opposition party elected members to stay in the parliment regardless who is in the position of prime minister.this system will never allow any one to boycott parliament election.I will provide more legal information on this,If you are interested in thinking of reforming our parliamentary political system.
Name: Anirban Sarker
Addres: Birmingham,U.K.
Email: sumonto999@yahoo.com
Our Parliament system has to pass a bill by the Gov. and Opposition Party, both of the parties should not boycott the perlament and if any party do so, the party will loose ability to run for prime minister from that party next election.
Name: Shaikh Tanveer Hossain
Addres: Matsuyama, Japan
Email: tanveer107@yahoo.com
As we know, in our National flag, the red circle is not in the middle of the flag. In the Item 3(I) of the 'People's Republic of Bangladesh Flag Rules, 1972 (revised up to May, 1992)', Cabinet Division, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh - Deputy Controller, Bangladesh Government Press, Dhaka, 1992, give the description of the national flag as: ``The national flag is bottle green in color and rectangular in size with the length to width ratio of 10:6 bearing a red circle on the body of the green. The red circle has a radius of one fifth of the length of the flag. Its center is placed on the middle of the perpendicular drawn from the nine twentieth part of the flag`` and the colours as: (a) Green - Procion Brilliant Green H-2RS 50 parts per 1000 (b) Red - Procion Brilliant Orange H-2RS 60 parts per 1000 Recently in many programs in Japan and also Japanese friends asked me the reasons of such a complex flag (as we know, in the Japanese flag, red color just center of the flag). I am sorry to telling you that due to my ignorance I could not explained it properly. Later, I asked few Bangladeshi friends and unfortunately did not get well answer. I think, off course, some reasons behind it, which I do not know. (Though, I did not find any informations related this either in net or mentioned in Flag rules chapter) In this regard, I would like to raise the issue to the net. If someone knows the reason why such a complex flag is produced, please let me know. I think, many of us asked the above mentioned question by the foreign peoples, specially the persons who are staying outside Bangladesh. In many aspects, we have to make or draw our National Flag and usually we do not follow the correct rules (as per flag rules), in that case, is it fair? Do we really believe the production (method) of our national flag is easily understandable or is it possible to produce by any general people or foreign persons? If not any strong reason behind to produce such a complex flag, do you not think, it needed to be modify and make simple and easy understandable National Flag (for example, red colour circle just in the centre of the green) . As we know, we modified our previous National flag once (in previous one, Bangladesh map inserted into the circle of red colour). In that case, why not we will change with easy method? I think, many of us have friends, relatives or known persons are now in the Member of National Parliament. If we really feel the issue is important then we can request some Parliament Members to initiate the issue to the Parliament.
Name: Qamruddin Chowdhury
Addres: Kuwait
Email: qamruddinc@yahoo.com
We are disheartened to learn from your good offices that BD will be a middle income nation by 2021!!,i.e., another 14 years later. We couldn't afford it, dear Chief Adviser. If you are depending on the filthy corrupt bureaucrats to give you a prediction of when BD will develop, your conclusion looks probable. But if you make your own study & research without depending on the govt servants who sank our country into an abyss, you will agree that our beloved BD can be developed within five years, not 21 years. If within five years, you will live to see it; and if within the 21 years you mentioned, you and I and most of this generation will not see it. So no use making those predictions now. Kindly increase the salary scales in Bangladesh to five times the current level, and make law and order a top priority, Insha Allah you will see what miracles this country can produce. If you do not feed the nation with a healthy pay scale, how do you want honest work from them. I do not agree with your ACC Chairman Lt Gen Mashhood that only lectures and putting honesty in the curriculum will change our national character. A livable salary and strict punitive action for the corrupt can only turn this country into the Golden Bengal we cherish. Govt should not control, but give regulatory assistance. Also Govt should build infra-structure like mega ports, highways, electricity generating & exporting capacity including development of nuclear energy, make education system a center of excellence (as you said) and NOT centers of 'goondas of politics'; and leave the rest to private initiative. Insha Allah BD will turn around in no time. See that the Railways and BRTC have done nothing; while the private operators did introduce Nirapod, and other A/C luxury coaches, and Taxi Cabs matching international standards. But Govt control of taxi fares and bus fares have ruined them all. How can a taxi fare be only Tk.15 and Tk.20 for the first two KMs??? How can they survive and recover their investment. Let the operators decide the price and make cab operation competitive; let the govt propose a REALISTIC bus, taxi fare. We all hope and pray that elections will not destroy us as it is destroying Thailand, Kenya, Pakistan and also Kuwait, among others. Let us introduce good governance through SELECTION for the whole world to follow. Best regards.
Name: Topu Rahman
Addres: NY, USA
Email: topu_man@yahoo.com
have to make it more interactive. there should be a better mechanism to ensure the members whole hearted participation.
Name: Russel Ahmed Apu
Addres: Calgary, Canada
Email: raapu@ucalgary.ca
I believe that our country needs to restore fairness in the system and eliminate corruption. My suggestion to aid this situation is to offer a commission based salary to Govt. officials. Every Govt. process should have a service fees and a part of that fees should be given to the officer as an incentive. The amount of compensation will be determined from the statistical data such that a Govt. employee can make a fair and decent salary by working hard and efficiently. In return, an employee will sign an anti-corruption agreement such that: 1. Allow any servicee to have a concealed recording device (AKA a simple cellphone) while being serviced. 2. In case a bribe is demanded or implicated, or a service is refused, a victim can send the recording anonymously to an anti-corruption task force. 3. upon receiving evidence an anti-corruption task force must take action within one week through an accelerated anti-corruption justice arm. The commission based salary system should benefit all entities in the following way: 1. A servicee will have the option to receive quality service and good response with slightly elevated service charge 2. Employee can make a decent wage without incurring heavy costs to the govt 3. Govt will experience an increase in performance and thus an increase in revenue.
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