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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Name: Shah Zulfiqar Haider, PEng
Addres: Comilla, Bangladesh
Email: szhaider@bttb.net.bd
HOW TO SOLVE PRESENT ELECTRICITY SHORTAGE CRISES Shah Zulfiqar Haider, PEng. (The author is the only Registered Professional Engineer in REB/PBS, General Manager-Comilla PBS-2 with 25 years of Professional experience in Energy sector & Military Engineering Services. He is Member Network of Energy Advisors, Linx Research, NY, (USA), Life Member-South Asia Federation of AOTS Alumni Societies (Japan), Associate-Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership UK, Partner-Global Village Energy Partnership (UK), Member-Bangladesh Computer Society, Member-Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management, Life Fellow-IEB etc. He has been to USA, China, Japan, India, Nepal etc on various Professional visits) Electricity is the basic infrastructure of today’s development. We are having huge shortage in this summer. This shortage will continue for years unless something is done under Crash programme. The adverse impact of electricity shortage is enormous. Every sector is affected and our economy is being crippled. Instead of analyzing what has been done, it’s whose failure, we should immediately go for short term, and long term measures to solve the Electricity shortage issue. This shortage has already affected our last irrigation season. SHORT TERM MEASURES. 1. MOTIOVATION TO USE LESS ELECTRICITY. Motivation is a key to success in today’s management. Intensive motivation, Intensive Public appealing Ads in TV/ press, public appealing programmes everywhere can be started immediately. People are required to make understand we are having shortage of electricity. Public might think they are paying genuinely, so why they should not be provided with adequate supply. Our Electricity rates are not based on actual cost of Electricity generation, Transmission & Distribution including all ancillary and Depreciation cost. What people are paying for it is only a part of the Total actual cost of electricity. Effect of Misuse and losses are also to be catered. This sector is not subsidized. Let people realize how much 1 Kilowatt of electricity cost and how much they are paying, Tariff comparison specially with our nearby countries etc. is to be publicized Examples of Developed countries and Developing countries on how they save Electricity should be well circulated. The cost for motivation via Press, TV can be made by concerned departments and TV channels can also cooperate. REB has very good setup of doing public motivation through PBS. Proper and continuous motivation will reduce our Consumption by 10% or more, but it’s a real challenge. 2. LOAD MANAGEMENT. “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. Well there Is Shortages of electricity generation, so be economical, i.e. do Load Management. But practically when it comes with electricity, it is difficult to follow it. As a first step to load management, markets are to be closed by 7 PM, but how? It will be difficult for people to have Load management with present office timings of 0900-1700 hours. Before we go for changing our Marketing habits, our office timings are to be changed to allow us enough time after office hours for marketing, leisure etc. Office time: 0800 hours to 1430 hours 6 days a week office. This will give us ample Time for marketing in evening. Again we will have more time to work in a week. The Markets are to be closed with BY 1900 hours sharp. Result… Peak hour electricity will be utilized by only by Domestic and other required users only. 3. AGE OF EXESS LIGHTENING IN MARKETS & IN DIFFERENT OCCASIONS. We should REMEMBER DURING gulf war we had restriction on Guests Invitation in Marriages, lightening restriction etc all effectively imposed. Any violation will lead to HEAVY penalty to the Owner of the Community Center Or Hotel or market with instantaneous Electricity line disconnection. Again motivation will teach us all to stop misuse of electricity in these crises. 4. METER CHECKING BY CRASH PROGRAMME. Meters are considered CASH BOX of Electricity system. All Electric meters are to be regularly checked (Industries twice or more, others every month) in following priority. a. Large Industries. b. Other Industries. c. Markets, shopping malls etc. d. Residential quarters in posh areas. e. Others. This will lead to Revenue increase, automatic decrease in misuse of Electricity and automatic Load management with more than 10% load decrease. 5. PENELTY AND PUNISHMENT. Heavy Financial Penalty at least 10 Times of approximate pilferage and/or Jail term of minimum 1 year and more. For it Laws are to be amended accordingly. As an experiment, the Managers of Electric Departments may be given Magistracy power for 6-12 months on experimental basis But any misuse of this power will lead to strict disciplinary action against the Managers Result: Revenue increase, Load shedding reduced, Public will be discouraged to Go for electricity theft etc. Moral of department goes up with the new administrative power. 6. SYSTEM LOSS REDUCTION & INCENTIVES. Present System loss is Decreasing. Further decrease needs Special efforts for which Special Bonus equal to 10% of the value of Electricity saved in MWHr in 6 months Interval be given to the employees of all Electricity Distribution Department, viz PDB, DESA, DESCO REB/PBS etc. This Incentive will lead to reduction in Corruption in this sector, revenue Increase and Load shedding reduce. 7. NO SUPARISH IN CASE OF ELECTRICITY THEFT CASES. At Least for Next 1 to 2 year, this sector is to be left undisturbed and No pressure be imposed on any Department working to minimize theft of electricity in favour of electricity thieves. These are some of the suggestions which if followed will minimize Load shedding to a greater extent in the country. 8 TARIFF INCREASE (equivalent to 5-10% increase) (Our tariff is poorest and not practical considering SEA region) 9. REDUCTION OF TECHNICAL LOSSES Next is Reduction of Technical Losses. This includes. a. Improvement of Power factor by installation of Capacitor Banks. b. Improvement of voltage by installing Voltage Regulators as done in REB sub stations, phase balancing, installation of proper size conductors etc. This task is to be started immediately and finished by 3 months in first phase. c. Ensuring Power factor devices in Consumer end or Heavy penalty. Consumers are to be made understand the benefits of Power factor improvements. d. Other technical improvements as deemed fit by Engineers. 10 IMPROVEMENT OF GRID SYSTEM Minor improvements in Grid system, which will lead to better voltage, efficient supply of electricity is to be implemented as per advice of PGCB 11. IMPROVEMENT OF ELECTRICITY GENERATION. A touchy situation but in present situation this task need to be done with honesty and dedication. Improvement of existing generation with small investment and that can be added within 2-3 months are to be considered in this phase. 12. SPECIAL INCENTIVES FOR IMPROVEMENT OF GENERATION AND GRID SUPPLY SYSTEM. Financial incentives are given to staffs of OGCB and Generation units for their extra ordinary achievements. 13. MONITORING OF DAY-TO-DAY SITUATION BY POWER CELL. Some organization preferably Power Cell be entrusted with the task of coordinating the Short Term planning to solve the electricity shortage crises. Remember. A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED. A KILOWATT OF ELECTRICITY SAVED IS LIKE AN EXTRA KILOWATT OF ELECTRICITY GENERATED. LONG TERM PLANNING TO SOLVE ELECTRICITY SHORTAGE CRISES 1. Electricity is an important part of Infrastructure of any country. The main elements of Infrastructure development a. Electricity b. Road c. River d. Telecommunication e. Gas f. Internet communication g. Air/Sea ports h. Etc These elements are interrelated. 2. 10/20/30/40/50 YEARS MASTER PLAN Bangladesh lacks one thing. Master plan for infrastructure. People say we have a poor infrastructure and now electricity shortage has added many fold to it. Weneed to prepare 50 years Master plan which every Five years revision provision. HOW TO PREPARE 10/20/20/30/40/50 YEARS MASTER PLAN Experts with Integrity be hired for 6 months to a year with handsome remuneration for the task. Neutral Foreign experts can also be included in the team. They will study Bangladesh present Infrastructure and propose modifications. 3. Master plan for electricity generation/transmission/distribution and it coordination with other elements of Infrastructure. Master plan for electricity generation and other Infrastructure elements may be prepared as under. a. Load growth forecast-up to 50 years @ 5/10 year intervals requirements. b. Electricity Generation plan with @ 10-15% extra generation capacity. c. The Power plants are to be designed on availability of natural gas and other elements for generation. d. Grid system plan for 50 years @ 5/10 years interval requirements
Name: fahmena
Addres: dhaka
Email: fahkhan78@yahoo.com
in bangladesh or just in dhaka why not we have pre paid metter for gas and electricity. in uk or other big country they don't have water problem then why bangladesh have this problem???in uk we have bin collect system, why can't bangladesh do so. bangladeshi people also pay tax. why not bangladesh have any system for any ministry at all??? why un educated people become minister in bangladesh?? is all educated people death.all the minister people make my lovely country a shit!!!!
Name: Ruhul Amin
Addres: bd
Email: cryingfreeman@mail2president.com
please take the neceesary step for the future stock of power in bangladesh. we may get it from solar system. and its the matter of pleasure that we have solar engineers. the son of kobi sufia kamal is a solar engineer in u.s.a. Govt. may engage him in this project for a deep resarch. otherwise our future generation will hate us.
Name: hafiz, marine biologist
Addres: dhaka, bd
Email: seekinvestor2007@yahoo.com
an innovative technological idea hv in an innovators mind, waiting for implementation & also asking for investor for his project as "integrated power generation plant", a complete fish production & export program, where automatically power will be produce. multiplication of this project may take solution for the power crisis of bangladesh. basically billion dollar investor & or govt. initiative needed for this project. after completion of two yrs of this project, the IRR will be return minimum 300% of the total investment. it's a fundamental & environment friendly project, may be compit against the neuclear power generation projects of the world.
Name: Khaza Moinuddin
Addres: Antwerpen, Belgium
Email: khazamoin@gmail.com
Dhaka,31/12/2007 Dear Scholars of Bangladesh, Since our country Bangladesh is facing a lot of energy problems and which will not be easy to solve with our gas or coal to produce enough energy and electricity that we need,(and we should stop burn up our gas and coal to create energy as we don’t have much left) in such a situation I would like to introduce you a best possibility which will be by secured modular and transportable nuclear power units which is called SGR (simplified gas cooled reactor) This kind’s of SGR plant also easy to build up for 20 Mw Elect. Power to as much Mwe Power we need. This is fueled by the inherent safe pebble Balls and this kinds of project can be set-up within two years to produce reliable energy and electricity. And the cost price is very reasonable. The SGR is able to compete in an effective way with the emerging competition from independent power producers (IPPs) and complies with the stringent environmental regulation. It is a good solution in the upcoming uncertainties in the fossil fuel markets where the prices are very volatile. I do feel that SGR can contribute in a substantial way to provide the economy with cost effective and reliable electricity and additional energy related features such as:- Thermal energy, water desalination, distillation and disinfection, food preservation, hospital equipment disinfection, heat for industrial purposes ( hydrogen production for the coming hydrogen economy, coal liquefaction, coal gasification, cement industry, textile, aluminum etc.)I live in Belgium and I had a few meeting in EUROPE with the concerned nuclear scientists supporting the SGR. And I requested all of them to introduce such a project as SGR for my country Bangladesh, and they agreed to support us as it is very much in need to develop the country and for the beautiful future indeed. In the meantime the only company that realizes such a project is CALA CASA SGR CONSORTIUM. If we invite the Cala Casa group of technician and nuclear experts they are prepared to come to Bangladesh for a presentation and to discuss the possibilities for SGR technological transfer, procurement, installation and market introduction, and to finalize the financial and commercial proposal. I am convinced that this proposal is in the benefit of the people of BANGLADESH and it is my wish to contribute to the welfare of the state. Some times ago the proposal already submitted to the honourable Adviser / To the Secretary of the Ministry of Power and Energy and to the Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, But unfortunately no comment yet. I really wish that Bangladesh Gov. and the Scholars of Bangladesh without any delay should come forward with me and invite those leading scientist of Europe to Bangladesh and should listen to them and let them contribute with there technology to our Bangladesh. I will be pleased to answer any further questions to this matter. I am in Bangladesh now, feel free to call me 01715178798 Email : khazamoin@gmail.com Khaza Moinuddin Belgium
Name: Choudhury
Addres: VA, USA
Email: info@ctanz.com
Hi, Bangladesh should without any delay launch comprehensive plan for Nuclear Power generations and Coal fired plants. The governments needs to come up with a milestone as soon as possible. Here is a milestone suggession that we can look at... 1. Contract our the building of nuclear power plants by June, 2008. 2. Contract atleast two nuclear power plants one by Russia or Canada and one by South Korea. 3. Start excavating COAL from phulbari by June, 2008 and plan for coal fired power plants to be commissioned by june 2010. 3. Request for RFP for offshore gas exploration by Feb, 2008 and sign contracts by july, 2008 with plan to finish the drilling and sysmic survery with in 2 years or signing the contract. 4. Strengthen the BAPEX and Petrobangla and give more required fund of atleast 300 crore to buy their own drilling equipment and sysmic survey tools. 5. Institute a new pay structure for Petrobangla to augment their expertise and more professionalism. 6. Put more traning in the Petrobangla structure. 7. Institute Nuclear power generation curriculam in atleast two universities in Bangladesh notable North south University and AIUB. I am sure there is other areas that we can improve but if we can have a broad picture of what we want to achieve and in exact time..that will give us hope and help people's aspirations. Thanks
Name: Mohamed Kamrul Islam
Addres: essex, u.k
Email: kamrul.islam1@gmail.com
Please do not rush to built "nuclear power station".Only deceide after carefully look the pro & con of civil nuclear power. I worked almost all my working lifetime in the British Nuclear Power Industry as an Engineer.
Name: md amzadur rahman
Addres: bangladesh
Email: rubelbiroli@yahoo.com
poewr is now a magor poblem.but gov easyly solb it.like make a big fund.quarsan? where money. money is no problem. stock market is best way. ipo privet plasment.etc good sorce of money.01819727221
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