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Scholars Bangladesh is going to celebrate the "Non Resident Bangladeshi Day" for the first time on 30 December 2017. Do you think it is necessary to have such day to celebrate togetherness and also the pride of Bengali culture and heritage across the world?


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Name: Sohan Karim
Addres: NY. USA
Email: sohankarim@gmail.com
I would like to appreciate the effort of collecting ideas and publish it. Because ideas are the starting of a good approach. Some people have some ideas, which may not be suitable for him to implement but good for someone who is in the field. Thanks Scholarsbangladesh.com In the year 1994, I was driving my motorcycle and witnessed a horrible accident. A rickshaw puller suddenly makes a U turn Just in opposite direction and minibus hits him. I stopped and tried to judge his condition. He actually died resting his head on my lap. Still I remember that rickshaw puller’s combed hairstyle and neat dressing. He seemed a newly wed person (Could be wrong, just an assumption). When he made that wrong and last turn of his life. He looked so happy but absentminded of danger. Since then Rickshaw puller’s life style always caught my eyes. My observations are that they make a reasonable amount of money. But their main obstacle is lack of knowledge. Lack of knowledge about: 1. Occupational hazard 2. Traffic law 3. Safety concern I would be happy if any organization comes to help them to learn better strategy for success. My suggestions: 1. Equip them with a better outfit, which will protect against sun and rain. Like, white color shirts, trouser, hat and shoes. 2. Supplies of a water bottle which they can keep under seat and give them knowledge how water help them against hot and humid weather. 3. They really need to take a short course about traffic law. May be it’s just a short concepts. Anyone welcome to add more solutions. Thanks. Sohan Karim IT Specialist NY. USA
Name: sohel
Addres: abidjan
Email: runinan@gmail.com
please check http://banhqspcoy.blogspot.com for my ideas.
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